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Once upon a time, in a cold far away place a baby was born... his name was Orion. These are the accounts of his journey through life on this strange planet. Not too far after that, we headed for the beach! And Kai sailed into our lives...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1st Haircut

About a week ago, Mom and Dad took me to this really cool place where I got my first haircut! I got to sit in a big yellow car and everything.

I got a certificate with my picture Mom's favorite lock of hair on it!

For being such a good boy, I got a new spaceship tub toy out of the deal!

All I ever hear now is how Mom and Dad miss my curls....
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Blogger Aunt Pookie said...

Dear O'rion: Nice doo guy! Don't worry too much about the loss of those curls. Your poor little cousin Lily may have to get all of her shaved this summer. :o( BUT now you have shown her how pretty she can be with out the curls. Say hi to Mom and Dad. Love. Aunt Pookie

3:14 PM  
Blogger leeann said...

hey sally it's leeann from the berg!!!! your baby is so freakin cute!!! i have a computer now, so i hope to hear from you more. my e-mail is lfitz73@comcast.net. love ya honey give orion a kiss from me. my boys are getting big and bad. hope to hear from you soon. leeann

8:43 PM  

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