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Once upon a time, in a cold far away place a baby was born... his name was Orion. These are the accounts of his journey through life on this strange planet. Not too far after that, we headed for the beach! And Kai sailed into our lives...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hide 'N' Seek

Since Dad took Mom out to dinner for her birthday, I got to have a babysitter!!!

Ashley was great. But I couldn't let her off easy!! I had to give her a little bit of a hard time and keep her on her toes!!!

(Great hiding spot, huh?)
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Blogger bubbasuexxx said...

Oh my Gosh, Bubbasue know what that little bit of a hard time means. but its ok, you just want us t knw you are here too!

9:54 AM  
Blogger bubbasuexxx said...

Boy does Bubba Sue have a hard time with spelling or what?

8:56 AM  

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